Music 2025: Access or Experience?

On Wednesday I joined a think session about the music business in 2025, organised by Peter Jenner and the UK Intellectual Property Office. They brought together an amazing set of minds to which I had the pleasure of presenting the following thoughts on music’s future. It has been about 2 decades since ‘the great disruption’. […]

Music Business Growth Hacking 101: How to Scale Your Fanbase & Revenue Sustainably

How can “the intersection of creative marketing, automation, and smart use of data” help you grow? Read on… This article originally appeared as a guest post for the Midem blog. Instead of hiring marketing managers, startups are recruiting growth hackers to work on more sustainable deliverables than just ‘dumb traffic’. How can growth hacking be used […]

Unbundle Music Platforms to Monetize New Segments

The launch of Soundcloud’s new premium tier signals the arrival of yet another $10 all-you-can-eat streaming service in an already crowded space. While many people in the music business are happy that they found a way forward, and a way to survive, they’re also worried. As Mark Mulligan pointed out, this represents a pivot. People […]