The Music Industry Isn’t Ready for the Blockchain

The blockchain cannot solve the music industry’s problems, before the industry figures out a way to solve them themselves. Blockchain and its promise The blockchain is the distributed database model underlying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It takes peer-to-peer technology to data records. Instead of having all data on one computer, it lives on the […]

Gaming Industry Lessons for the Music Biz #1: Season Pass Subscriptions

If you want to know the future of music, look at the gaming business. They got into the same mess at the same time, but have found incredible ways to deal with today’s networked reality. I’ll be exploring successful concepts from the gaming industry and explaining how they can be applied to music. Starting off with […]

Three Game Mechanics for the Music Business

It’s a point I repeat frequently: the gaming industry got into the same mess as the music industry at exactly the same time. Suddenly, people started communicating digitally through networks. Everything that could be made digital was now communicable (at near-zero cost) through these networks. Confusion about what the product is slowed down progress. Music […]