Bas Grasmayer, Founder, Berlin

berkleyvalenciaI’ve held various roles in music & tech. Currently I’m Product Director at IDAGIO, a music streaming service dedicated to classical music. I’ve previously also been Product Lead of a team of 35 people at Zvooq, a large music streaming service in Russia & CIS. We launched multiple products like Fonoteka and raised $20M.

Much of my experience involves community management, marketing strategies, partnerships, concept development, and market analysis for startups, artists and political parties. (LinkedIn)

I’m probably best known for my thesis The Answer is the Ecosystem: Marketing Music Through Non-Linear Communication, publications on various blogs like Techdirt, Hypebot and the Midem blog, and speaking at places like Amsterdam Dance Event, Berklee Valencia, Border Sessions, European Lab, Midem, and Music Connected.

Product Director at IDAGIO.
Founder at MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE.
Founder at the Music Tech Network.

Product Lead at music streaming service Zvooq.
Head of Information Strategy at Dream Industries.
Head of Communication & Market Analyst at

The Network

We live in the age of networks and work as such. We believe in bringing great minds together to achieve outstanding results. We work with a network of designers, strategists, and creative technologists. Got something to bring to the table? Get in touch.

MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE was founded in April, 2016.