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Some of the topics we cover

Product strategy

Our take on Spotify's strategy to become a habit-forming product was widely picked up by media & blogs.

Artificial intelligence

The next generation of products will be AI driven. Even music creation will be guided by algorithms.

Music blockchain

What it is, and why focusing on the technology is the wrong way to solve a problem.

Augmented reality

With heavy investment in VR & the popularity of Pokémon GO, music is going into AR.

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Spotify’s incredibly addictive playlists are based on simple behavioral psychology

"As digital music strategist Bas Grasmayer aptly notes, they create “the perfect habit loop”—one that’ll now be twice as strong, with the addition of a second personalized playlist that self-refreshes on a different day of the week."

Why 'Pokémon GO' Is More Valuable Than Spotify, SoundCloud And Tidal Combined

"In the words of digital strategist Bas Grasmayer, “music has been augmenting reality for 35 years;” from the Walkman in our hands to the iPhone in our pockets, the art form has become simultaneously more portable and augmentable with time, easily imposing sounds, images and emotions onto our preexisting views of the real world."

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